Health Is Wealth, Don’t You Agree?

healthy-life-well-being-600x300As all of you age, you may become aware of certain changes in your body. The way you used to respond to medications, changes in stamina, changes in concentration and many more differences can be noticed. There is absolutely no reason to worry as aging is a natural process and happens to all. What is important is to take a few precautions to maintain your health. After all, it is all in the mind. Age is just a number and your mind can keep you young and energetic forever.

Avoid Self-medication
People generally have a habit of treating themselves based on experiences from an earlier illness. For example, if you were given a drug to treat a fever at any point of time, you may have the same prescription with you. When you fall ill some time later, you may not bother to consult a doctor and may take the same drug. This habit is really harmful, especially in older people. Every case of illness has a different cause. The way your body would react to a drug at a particular time is entirely different. So make sure you do not take any medicine without consulting your doctor.

health-is-wealth-300x200Make sure you always have a list of the medications
If you regularly take medicines, it would be safer if you keep a schedule of which medicine to take and the time you need to have it. You can also carry this list with you while on a travel or trip. Don’t forget to update this if the doctor has altered your dose or changed any tablet.

Visit your Doctor regularly and also check if your medicines have any side effects
If you take more than one tablet, always ask your doctor and confirm that there are no side effects to your health. Also, make sure that the medicines do not have any harmful interactions when taken together.

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