Will Brexit Affect The Migration In Scotland

hand-holding-brexit-sign-eu-referendum_jpg_600x300_crop_upscale_q85On June 23rd, Britain shocked the world by announcing that they have decided to leave the European Union. The people of Britain took a unanimous decision to exit from EU. One of the main reasons was the mass immigration from other EU countries. However, Scotland chose to stay on with EU. There is a 305-year duration for the union of England and Scotland. The Scots had earlier rejected independence from England.

Theresa May, the British Prime Minister has stated that the launch of Brexit will come into effect by March 2017 and will be completed by March 2019.This leaves a lot of questions especially regarding the dealings between Scotland and England. Immigration and Single Market policy are some of the major issues which have to be studied in detail. Careful decisions have to be taken regarding these issues.

Ministers of UK parliament have stated that Britain would be leaving the Single Market policy. Scotland, on the other hand, plans to continue with EU’s Single market.

brexit-english-flagMigration is one of the main sources of revenue for Scotland. Immigrants from other countries help to improve the skill set in Scotland. However, Britain is concerned about the mass immigration from other EU countries. Authorities fear that there will be penetration of migrants through Scotland into the mainland. There are talks about bringing into existence changes in Passport controls and introducing checkpoints at Customs Level. Theresa May has stated that opting out of Brexit is not likely to be possible for Wales, North Ireland or Scotland. This is another major concern for the Scottish people who had earlier rejected Independence for fear of losing EU membership.

The value of British currency Pound has fallen considerably since the announcement to leave EU was made public.

UK Ministers do respect Scotland’s decision to remain in the EU, however, you will have to wait and watch as to what will happen.

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