Pest Control San Antonio – Bed Bugs

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Pest Control San Antonio – Bed Bugs

While bed bugs can be found in carpets, furniture, and cracks in the wall, they are named for their tendency to pay people unwelcome visits during the night. Bed bugs live and feed on warm-blooded animals to survive, which is why they thrive in the small crevices and seams of mattresses. It is very easy for a bed bug to strike at night. If neglected, thousands can infest a single bedroom. These insects are endowed with a special anesthetic to feed on your blood without waking you up. It is important to hire a pest specialist if you suspect the presence of bed bugs in your home. At our Pest Control company, we understand the health issues related to infestations of termites and bed bugs. Call us today for quality service. More on this website @
Contrary to popular belief, bed bugs are not just a case of bad housekeeping. Every home can be exposed to the spread of bed bugs, which travel easily in luggage or even through apartment walls and floors. In any case, bed bugs should be dealt with immediately. A professional pest control service can detect and eliminate these difficult-to-target insects. Bed bugs are typically found in mattresses and pet beds because they depend on warm-blooded animals to survive. You may not notice bed bugs during the day since they hide when a host isn’t around, but you can expect bed bugs to reside near where a potential host will sleep. You can find out if bed bugs have invaded your home by looking for the following telltale signs:
• Stains and Shedding – A rather unappealing sign of bed bugs is random stains on your linens and bedding. These rusty-colored stains may be from blood or feces, which are difficult to remove. You might notice dried-up remnants on your bed, which could be evidence of skin, eggs, or even dead bugs.
• Bite Marks – The expression, “Don’t let the bed bugs bite,” is sound advice. If you’ve noticed bite marks on your skin that you can’t quite place, you might be the unlucky host to bed bugs preying on you during the night. Like mosquitoes, bed bugs will leave a reddened mark on the skin that tends to itch.
• Timing – Your odds of having a bed bug infestation are higher if you’ve recently traveled, moved, or purchased used furniture. No matter how clean you keep your home, the fact remains that bed bugs are excellent hitchhikers.

Early detection is the most effective way to eliminate bed bugs from your home. At our Pest Control company, we offer quality residential and commercial services to help you remove unwanted pests. If you’re in our area, call us for a personal quote.

Are you looking to learn about bed bugs? Visit us for an overview of bed bugs. Bed bugs enter homes by latching onto your clothes, shoes, and bags. Learn more about how they get into your home and how to prevent this from occurring on this website.

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