You Need A Great Lawyer If You….

You Need A Great Lawyer If You….

You Can’t Afford to See a Doctor or Can’t Pay Your Medical Bills
Many people have health insurance that might help them pay for the treatment they need after they’ve been involved in a wreck. Even if an accident victim has some healthcare coverage, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be sufficient: especially if the injuries are severe and require long-term care or physical therapy. Even if they have such coverage, many car wreck victims fear receiving ongoing treatment for their injuries because they think their healthcare premiums will rise or they can’t afford to take time off work to see a doctor. In this recession, you show up for work, or you might get laid off. Or maybe these injured accident victims have higher-than-normal deductibles, discouraging them from even using their health insurance to treat their accident-related injuries. Being properly treated for your injuries after an accident is not only essential to your return to good health, it’s absolutely necessary for your injury claim or lawsuit. More about car accident law on this website

You must prove your reasonable effort to recover if you hope to be successful in your compensation efforts. If you can’t afford treatment or if you already have medical bills that you can’t pay, our Law Office may be able to help you out. We regularly work with doctors and healthcare professionals and can refer you to the right one who will consider this current situation. We have helped many of our clients receive vital medical care after an auto accident at no initial out-of-pocket expense. We can also explain how the time you must take off from work to get medical care may be included in the damage compensation owed you by the defendant in your case, in addition to shielding you from that employer who might be looking to cut staff.
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You’re Suspicious About How Your Claim is Being Handled

If the insurance company you must deal with is dragging its feet, or adjusters stop returning your calls (or shine you on by telling you nothing when you do speak with them). A feeling of foreboding about these people begins creeping into your mind; trust your instincts. Insurance companies aren’t in business to help people unless forced to. Its mission is to make money. The more excuses they come up with to deny legitimate claims, the more money they make. This is especially true with most insurers who aggressively market themselves as “minimum coverage” firms: although we have been able to deal with a few of them, eventually. You should call a lawyer if you suspect they’re not as responsive to your case as they should be or if you see any of the following examples of behavior:

* The insurance company offers you a settlement before the full extent of your medical treatment is established.
* The insurance company offers you less money than what’s due on your car loan if it is totaled.
* The insurance company doesn’t offer you a rental car while your vehicle is being repaired.
* The insurance company tells you they’ll pay your claim when you submit your bills, but they refuse to do so or keep stalling you when you ask for payment. (an aside, you should NEVER submit original bills but copies: we never submit originals, only copies).
* The insurance company takes too long to respond to your inquiries (this could mean that they’re investigating your claim behind your back or are waiting for “just the right time” to tell you they’re not going to pay).
* The insurance company tells you that a settlement offer is “all you’re entitled to” or “the best you’re going to get.”

If none of those circumstances applies, then the odds are pretty good that you can probably handle your case on your own and reasonably resolve it without the assistance of a lawyer. Consider yourself lucky. Sometimes, plaintiffs can successfully protect their rights after a wreck, which results in only property damage. If your car was damaged, but you’re not injured, insurance companies are generally bound by a set of guidelines surrounding what they have to pay you for the damage to (or replacement of) your vehicle. Since these actuaries are pretty straightforward, insurance companies have minimal opportunity to rip you off when they reimburse you for your repair bills.