Potential Threats Associated With Online Grooming

computer-600x315It is time for parents to remain extra vigilant as the dangers associated with online grooming are on the rise. A sharp 42 percent increase in counseling sessions by Child Line depict the mounting perils of online grooming. Predators use social media forums and online gaming platforms as a medium to entice children. The children are then asked by the predators to do illegitimate things. The number of young girls who fall into this trap is constantly on the rise. Girls as young as eight years of age fall a prey. With more and more children entering the online forum every day, safety should be the prime concern.

childprotectionParents have an important role in this context. They have to monitor the safety of their children. It is essential for a parent to know the sites, apps and games that the child has been using. With a number of pedophiles using the internet to trap children, the online grooming threat has proliferated on a large scale. Many times these online grooming have led to tragic consequences. Most often youngsters are targeted in colossal numbers to carry out unlawful activities on a larger scale. Thus, with every purchase of internet enabled devices, an extra dose of caution is required.